What Makes Anna’s Taqueria So Addictive?

Oh, Anna’s. You put pounds on us, what with that velvet blanket of cheese melted so lovingly atop a warm tortilla. You beguile us time and again with your array of potent sauces and very liberal application of condiments. And your chips — salty, sturdy, crispy, ripe for plunging into that garden vat of salsa —have jolted us from more hangovers than we care to recall. How nice, then, that USA Today feels similarly.

The paper rounds up the 10 best places in America to “bite into a big burrito” (after all, who would want to bite into, much less swallow, a “little burrito”?), and Anna’s makes the cut. It’s noted that “you pick what you want, then they make it right in front of you,” which is what happens at just about every burrito joint we’ve ever visited. But no matter. At least they have the good sense to commend Anna’s spicy green sauce, though they claim it’s not going to “blow your mouth off” and we’ve suffered pleasurable heart burns days after consuming the stuff. But it was worthwhile pain.

Indeed, it’s a happy day for cheesy hometown carbs: Serious Eats just gave Mike and Patty’s “molten” breakfast grilled cheese a nod as one of the best such sandwiches in America, too.

10 Great Places to Bite Into A Big Burrito
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What Makes Anna’s Taqueria So Addictive?