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Cannes Chef Makes a Taxi Driver Caesar Salad to Honor DeNiro?

Photo: Courtesy of the Hotel Martinez, Cannes

Over in Cannes, there’s a two-star Michelin chef named Christian Sinicropi at the Hotel Martinez who’s made it his mission to come up with whimsical, movie-inspired dishes every year for the jury dinner that caps off the elite film festival. He’s even put together a book of his creations, which seem to be more like food sculptures depicting movie figures and themes, rather than dishes that bear any culinary connection to the films. (His favorite is a Forrest Gump-themed dish involving some fish and a “Gump-like figure” made out of cabbage and stuffed with snails, sitting on a tiny ceramic park bench.) The Journal talks to Sinicropi about what he’s cooking for the dinner this year, where the guest of honor is Robert DeNiro.

This year, Mr. Sinicropi contacted Warner Brothers to find out more about Robert de Niro’s favorite food (fish, fried zucchini-flower fritters—a Provençal specialty—and, not surprisingly, pasta). The menu for Tuesday night’s dinner included a wacky 3D “Taxi Driver” appetizer—“It’s a New York caesar salad, but with peppers, sangria, foie gras and red and green basil”; a dazzling main course shaped by Martin Scorsese’s “Casino”—“I shaped it like a kind of roulette wheel with zucchini flowers”; and for dessert, red berries and sorbet served on a green-lit ice cylinder.

Given the fact that Caesar salads didn’t even originate in New York, we think it would have been a more interesting challenge to fit a Goodfellas dish in there.

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Cannes Chef Makes a Taxi Driver Caesar Salad to Honor DeNiro?