Asian Carp

Vigilante Group in Peoria Battles Asian Carp

Photo: courtesy of YouTube

For about a year now we’ve been chronicling the migration of the Asian carp, an invasive fish species that has populated the rivers of Illinois and is threatening the ecosystem of all of the Great Lakes. Though a few chefs have tried to handle the issue, it seems to mostly be a problem with no clear solution. We doubt this will work either, but it might make you laugh. Chicagoist pointed out that a group calling themselves the Peoria Carp Hunters, has decided to “battle” the invasive fish species with swords and arrows. It’s one part vigilante group and one part Jackass. We have no idea how safe or legal this operation is, but you can watch it all below.

How do the Carp Hunters battle the fish? As you may recall, the Asian carp has a strange habit of leaping out of the water when a boat passes by. The group suits one person up in protective gear, and then he water skis through the rivers around Peoria, attempting to whack at as many fish as possible with a sword. Obviously, they don’t kill very many, and most of the fun seems to come from watching the jumping fish hit the skiers. If this sounds like your kind of fun, check out the full video.

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Vigilante Group in Peoria Battles Asian Carp