Victory Garden Will Use Local Goat’s Milk for Its Soft-Serve Fro-Yo

Photo: Courtesy Victory Garden

Sophia Brittan, co-founder of online cooking show “Kitchen Caravan,” brings an exotic new twist to the fro-yo market. At Victory Garden, opening next week in the South Village, she’s transforming goat’s milk from Connecticut’s Beltane Farm into a naturally tangy plain frozen yogurt, also available in florally inspired flavors like rose petal and lemon poppy, and — for a caprine alternative to Grom up the block — two flavors of soft-serve goat’s-milk ice cream (chocolate and salted caramel). Offbeat toppings range from healthful (chia and flaxseeds) to tastefully indulgent (Deep Mountain Maple marshmallows, Liddabit honeycomb candy). The signature dairy also factors into yogurt parfaits and custom-made chocolate bars, plus such topical applications as soaps, lotions, and lip balms, many produced on local farms. Full toppings list below.

Victory Garden, 31 Carmine St., nr. Bleecker St.; 212-206-7273

- Sprinkles (chocolate or rainbow)
- walnuts
- crumbled ‘stash (pistachios)
- gummy worms
- dirt (cake crumbs)
- wheat germ
- granola

- chia
- cocoa nibs
- flax seeds
- dried mulberries


- maple marshmallows from Deep Mountain Maple
- Honeycomb candy from Liddabit
- Pretzels from Martins
- Fresh seasonal fruits

Brooklyn Via the Med:
- Crumbled halvah

Sauces: Goat’s-milk caramel, chocolate fudge (organic nectars), honey
Victory Garden Will Use Local Goat’s Milk for Its Soft-Serve Fro-Yo