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‘Vibrant Flavors’ Go to a ‘Daring Extreme’ at Monsu; Frankford Hall Is ‘Vegan-Doable’

• At Monsu, Craig LaBan finds our city’s “first new taste of the vibrant flavors of Sicily” ratchets its “vibrant flavors” to “a daring extreme” in an osso buco that’s “stewed to tenderness with apricots and Marsala wine,” but the “unforgivably dry” salmon wrapped in puff pastry is a “one Frenchy dish that should have been forgotten.” [Inquirer]

• The seared scallops “were perfectly cooked” on Adam Erace’s stop at For Pete’s Sake, and the fish and chips’ “Guinness-battered and fried cod” and “thicket of golden, skin-on fries” are “no joke.” [Courier-Post]

• “Vegan-doable” Frankford Hall takes Living on the Vedge back to a “summer of Spaten-drinking in Munich,” and the “spicy mustard makes your nose burn.” [Living on the Vedge]

Parc’s “artfully created” cappuccino is a “delicious mix of cream and caffeine,” and the smoked salmon tartine was a “perfect transition from the breakfast-y coffee and pastries to the more time-appropriate lunch.” [Two Eat Philly]

‘Vibrant Flavors’ Go to a ‘Daring Extreme’ at Monsu;