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Todd English Bilked by Tip-Grubbing Staffer

Photo: Regan

Working at the New York City Olives must really be the pits: A money-hungry waiter has been accused of pocketing $91,000 in ill-gotten gratuities, the New York Post reports.

Mohammad Siraj was arrested Tuesday and charged with grand larceny. The shifty server added extra tip money onto his checks in the restaurant’s computer, according to reports. The restaurant’s bookkeeper noticed the discrepancy and alerted police. (Is the real news here that Todd English has a bookkeeper?)

The Post is really down on poor Todd today. Despite the Boston Globe’s report that oodles of Boston chefs have signed a letter to Boston magazine protesting their takedown of him in this month’s issue, “Page Six” says it’s an exaggeration. “Todd’s supporters are probably saying, ‘Everyone’s running to his defense!’ But it’s all orchestrated. They were calling all of us, asking us to sign. He’s lost his focus. We used to like him. But why would you stand up for him?” they quote one chef as saying.

When it comes to support, we hope he gets at least the 20 percent industry standard!

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Todd English Bilked by Tip-Grubbing Staffer