The James Weird Awards

The James Weird Awards: Food Fighters, Breakfast Denials, and a Waffle Home

What else can be said in a week that’s seen pink donkeys, video-game characters made of soup, and sexually suggestive beef jerky? Lots! The rest of the week’s weird food news can be found, as always, in the James Weird Awards.

• A public school in Chicago withheld breakfast from two brothers, ages 5 and 6, because the students wore “the wrong kind of shoes” to class. “I felt sad,” the older sibling said. “We’re always supposed to have breakfast.” [CBS Local]

• High schoolers in Georgia faced the opposite problem when a food fight got so out of hand, it became a police matter. Authorities seasoned the mêlée with pepper spray and eventually arrested ten students. [Republic]

• A pizzeria-based drug ring outside Chicago got busted when police learned that delivery drivers had been transporting cocaine out of the restaurants. The $160,000 scheme resulted in nineteen arrests. [Newser]

• An Atlanta man’s attempt to turn a Waffle House into his Waffle Home ended when a repairman found him living on the restaurant’s roof. The Waffle House employees aren’t sure how long he’d lived there, or how he got up there in the first place. [WAGT]

• A sandwich-shop employee in Maryland went to work one morning and found a would-be burglar trapped in the building’s ventilation system. The man, whose legs were spotted dangling out of a ventilation duct, tried to break into the store through the roof but instead spent eight hours waiting to get caught. [Washington Times]

The James Weird Awards: Food Fighters, Breakfast Denials, and a Waffle Home