Steve ‘Big Black’ Albini Is a Food Blogger and Brooks ‘Born Against’ Headley Is a Pastry Chef

Steve Albini, the abrasive noise rocker and legendary indie producer, is now a genteel food blogger. The Awl has discovered that the onetime front man of Rapeman is now more of a rabe man, and instead of excoriating the music industry in ‘zines, he’s now blogging about the pasta dinners he makes for his wife Heather at Mariobatalivoice. Food really is the new rock! Albini’s current band, Shellac, has been described as minimalist rock, and it seems Albini is trying to maintain that spirit in the kitchen: “I crushed a couple of the tomatoes and scattered them around the plate, grated some parmigiano and drizzled some olive oil on everything. So much for my stab at minimalism.”

Meanwhile, in a post about visiting Del Posto, Albini mentions that he’s friends with Brooks Headley, the restaurant’s pastry chef and onetime drummer for Born Against and other bands (not the first time a rocker has turned chef). Check out the latest installment of Vice “Munchies,” in which Headley cooks a dinner for Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar and Michael Laiskonis, of Le Bernardin, among others.

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Steve ‘Big Black’ Albini Is a Food Blogger and Brooks ‘Born