The Flying Pig Cafe Lands In Little Tokyo In June

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

After months of web-bound speculation about its opening dates, Flying Pig Cafe is announcing via press release that its opening will finally happen this June in Little Tokyo. And just as we were starting to think the day would arrive only when actual, literal pigs took to the sky. Owner, chef, and Cordon Bleu alum Joe Kim plans to make larger versions of the truck’s big hits here, as well as new street food-influenced dishes of Asian and U.S. origins, opening the spot to new customers and giving old ones a place to seek shelter from the streets.

The menu here will be seasonal and include new morphing specials every week, while some of the Pig’s standards will be a pork belly bao called “The Belly Bun” with “death sauce,” Flying Pig mini-sliders (aren’t “mini” and “sliders” a little redundant), and, no shit, peanut butter carnitas with red curry and, the coup de swine, a dish called “The Whole Butt,” which is a slow-cooked pork butt you have to order 48 hours in advance. Unfortunately, Ron Jeremy surf ‘n turf just didn’t make the cut.

The 60-seat interior of the restaurant will incorporate graffiti art by an Aussie named Stuart Stark, leather booths, the white tile of a classic diner, and there is also a communal table so you can scream out, “I want the whole butt!” and gauge the various reactions and general moving away from you. Stark’s murals involve a flying pig flying over Downtown and one on a chalkboard wall. Since none of our great local graffiti talent was hired to do the job, guests are encouraged to tag the holy living hell out of the chalkboard, which could very well lead to an uptick in bathroom mirror etchings and toilet bowl scratchings by real taggers if the restaurant doesn’t stay vigilant. In addition, there is also an outdoor patio with room for 17 people.

Since the food truck empire was recently called out for wearing no clothes, the time is as ripe as it’s ever been for Flying Pig to make its pig, er, big move. With peanut butter carnitas and pig booty on the menu, we see ourselves pigging out here when the spot opens next month for both lunch and dinner.

Flying Pig Café
, 141 S. Central Ave. Downtown.

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The Flying Pig Cafe Lands In Little Tokyo In June