Sushi Nomenclature Reaching a New Low on Sunset

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

We’ve learned by now that discount sushi restaurants who immediately tell you how gross the food is in their own name (we’re looking at you, B.A.D. Sushi and Ugly Roll) are typically just making an attempt at irony. Scarily, we can no longer spot the difference with this new one. Soy Sauce Roll and Bowl plans to open its doors next month in West Hollywood and we can’t say the name instills thoughts of fresh saba and suzuki.

Instead, Soy Sauce roll leaves us with thoughts of those nasty-looking promotional Kikkoman soy sauce roll-ups and soy sauce bowl sounds…well, kinda just like a huge bowl of soy sauce. Either way, we believe soy sauce should keep its place on the side, both on the tables and in the title. Still, we have been fooled before by such deceptive nomenclature before, so we won’t truly know how much truth is in the advertising here until it opens next month on Sunset Blvd.

Soy Sauce Roll and Bowl, 7131-B W.Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood.

Sushi Nomenclature Reaching a New Low on Sunset