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Starbucks Creep Acts Like a Venti-Sized Scumbag

Next time, get it to go!
Next time, get it to go! Photo: Jeffwilcox via Flickr

We always thought the prices and bitter mud were the hardest things to swallow over at Starbucks. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. CBS reports that one evil perpetrator at the coffee behemoth’s Glendora store has turned the worst nightmares of its female customers into a reality.

25-year-old William Velasco of San Dimas was arrested earlier this month for disguising a secret camera to resemble part of a coat hook and placing it in the restroom. The camera was apparently active for two days in April and the captured images, of which there were 45 featuring women and children, were found downloaded on a computer. The man is being charged with a mere misdemeanor (oh my, what a forceful deterrent from future crimes!) and is currently out on $50,000 bail. Sad to say, you really can’t be too cautious out there, friends. [CBS]

UPDATE: Starbucks has contacted us through a spokesperson, who tells us William Velasco “has never worked for Starbucks” and explains:

There are some inaccuracies in the story you posted, and we’d appreciate it being updated. The suspect does not work for Starbucks; but rather, it was Starbucks partners (employees) who worked with the police department to identify the suspect. The safety of our customers and partners is always our top priority. We are proud that our partners took swift action, immediately alerting the Glendora Police Department and assisting in the investigation. This type of incident is very rare in our stores.
Starbucks Creep Acts Like a Venti-Sized Scumbag