Silo Is Bringing Vodka Back to Seventh Street, Open June 1st in Downtown

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

As bourbon, beer, and tequila venues have increased in both popularity and presence over the last few years, much maligned vodka still has its place at Nic’s Martini Bar and Bar Lubitsch, though relatively few other developments have emerged to showcase the spirit. But we still believe in vodka, and apparently, we’re not the only ones, as a new vodka bar called Silo is preparing to open on June 1st in The Haas Building on Downtown’s Seventh Street.

Silo will stock its bar in fine vodkas like Three Olives, Zubrowka, Tito’s, Russian Standard, and the ultra-luxury Beluga. Upstairs the venue will have an “Ice Lounge,” which sounds like it might share some similarities, if not sub-zero temperatures, with Nic’s VodBox.

CIA grad and former Chapter 8 Steakhouse grill cook Ore Dagan will be in the kitchen, and hopefully producing some of the salumi he mastered while working in Italy and as a production supervisor at Fra’ Mani. Menus appear to still be in development, while a full website is taking shape.

Temporary Silo Signage

We spoke briefly with someone at the bar and restaurant, who prefers to stay mum on details until further in the week when a press release is issued. So far, these vodka aficionados sound like they’re on some pretty crazy stuff as far as cocktails go, as a Twitter page teases there will be a “Count Vodkula” martini with chocolate cereal as well as a “Gin-nie the Pooh” with honey and gummy bears. Those sound a little Coldstone-esque in their creations, but we have an early feeling that these guys are just as devoted to tasting neat as they are to whimsy on ice.

In any case, since 213 has virtually cornered the market on individual spirit bars in this part of the city, we’ll finally get a chance to see how someone else fares when SIlo grand-opens on June 1st.

Silo, open June 1st, 221 W. 7th St. Downtown. 213-891-1063.

Silo Is Bringing Vodka Back to Seventh Street, Open June 1st in Downtown