Punky Brewster’s A Food Blogger; BlackBoard Eats Drops Fee

• Punky Brewster is all grown up and hosting a cooking blog for moms. Yes, you are old. [NYDN]

• Lady Gaga has teamed up with … Starbucks, as an “over-the-top digital and promotional presence in Starbucks U.S. stores through June 3.” Cough (sellout!), cough. [USAT]

• The Serious Eats team conducted a very, er, serious taste test with In-N-Out, Five Guys, and Shake Shack burgers. Drumrolll, please! [Hamburger Today/Serious Eats]

• Blackboard Eats has gotten the message: We’re all too cheap to pay $1 for their passcodes. Yay! The deals site has gone back to offering its specials for free. [Marketwire]

• El Pollo Loco is suffering a dip in sales. Also, now its theme song will be stuck in our heads all day. [LAT]

• SEE-LA is pushing to have The Hollywood Farmer’s Market maintain its original 20-year layout. [LAW]

• Having already jumped on the food truck bandwagon, now everyone is jumping on the L.A.’s “food truck bubble is bursting” bandwagon. [NPR]

• Stop the presses, Groupon did a new thing: The deals site teamed with Quizno’s to offer an eight-sub “punch card” designed to foster repeat business. [NRN]

• Many experts are arguing that “food has quickly become the hidden driver of world politics.” [NPR]

• SinoSoul facetiously “bows down” to Midtown Lunch. [SinoSoul]

Punky Brewster’s A Food Blogger; BlackBoard Eats Drops Fee