Pickled Sausages! Barbecue! and Two-Headed Cows at the Kings County Fair

Last year we ran a neon-splashed slideshow of the fried Oreo, funnel cake, and chicken-on-a-stick stands at the Kings County Fair (despite its name, it’s actually a traveling carnival from Florida). Last night, a glowing Ferris wheel on the horizon alerted us that the fair is back, and it’ll be at Floyd Bennett Field through the weekend. We’re happy to report the mobile mini-mart that sells sneakers in a bag is also selling pickled sausages, one of our favorite things in life — find it right next to the tent of wonders where you can see a chupacabra skeleton (fake) and a two-headed cow (real!). Also on site from 5 p.m. till around 10 or 11 p.m., when the fair closes, is Kinfolks BBQ.

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Pitmaster Sylvester English tells us he opened the Tallahassee-based mobile catering unit about five years ago, and since then he’s been in about 200 competitions and even taken home a few trophies. During the four months he’s in Florida, he sells ’cue at FSU games; the rest of the year, he travels with a couple dozen fairs (he’ll also be appearing at Floyd Bennett Field’s Native American Heritage Festival from June 3 till 5). English says he’s best known for putting a “Flordia-style deep smoke” on his ribs, which can be topped with Carolina-style sauce. He’s also smoking chicken with cherry wood, and brisket and pork butts with oak and hickory. Check out the rest of his menu below, and rest assured portions are generous.

Ribs - $7 sandwich, $10 platter
Chicken - $7 sandwich, $10 platter
Pulled Pork - $7 sandwich, $10 platter
2 Meats - $10 sandwich, $12 platter
3 Meats - $12 sandwich, $14 platter
Half Slabs - $14 sandwich, $16 platter
Whole Slabs - $24

Fried tilapia - $7
Ox tail dinner - $12
Fried jumbo shrimp - $10
Fish & shrimp combo - $12
Jumbo smoked turkey legs - $8

Cole Slaw
French fries
Collard greens
Mac & cheese
Yellow rice
Baked beans
Pickled Sausages! Barbecue! and Two-Headed Cows at the Kings County Fair