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Perennial Virant Now Taking Reservations, Officially Opening Next Week

Better get your reservation now.
Better get your reservation now. Photo: courtesy of Perennial Virant

Though it isn’t yet open, Perennial Virant will begin taking reservations today. According to an e-mail sent out last night, the first available spot is for next Monday, May 23. That’s surprisingly close to when the Boka Restaurant Group predicted that the revamped restaurant, which used to just be called Perennial, would reopen. Nice turn around guys! This also means that we’re in full-on opening alert mode. The official menu hasn’t been released, but we do have that preview menu from a few weeks back, and the restaurant also posted a few pictures of finalized dishes on its blog.

It’s hard to tell exactly what is in each dish, as they were most likely taken with a camera phone. But one thing is immediately apparent: there is a lot of green! Thirteen dishes were showcased, and we managed to see shades of green in every single one of them. We knew that chef Paul Virant was dedicated to using local produce and that the Green City Market just opened its outdoor market across the street, but we weren’t expecting so much color.

While it is definite that the restaurant will open next week, there is still no word on whether the restaurant will have a soft opening later this week. Before it began taking reservations, Boka’s GT Fish & Oyster had a raucous opening weekend with walk-ins only. Still, very exciting. You can make a reservation by callling 312-981-7070.

Perennial Virant’s Preview Menu [PDF]

Perennial Virant, 1800 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL; 312-981-7070

Perennial Virant Now Taking Reservations, Officially Opening Next Week