The Other Critics

Perch Pub’s Mussels Are an “Instance of Excellent Execution”; Happy Rooster Lets Ingredients Speak For Themselves

• Brian Freedman expresses disapproval of Perch Pub’s Franklin Burger for excessive “accouterments being used to cover up an essentially hollow main ingredient,” but praises the “simple, elegant” mussels as an “instance of excellent execution.” [PW]

• At Farm and Fisherman, Adam Erace gushes for the “masterful, macabre” bloody beet steak, but laments how the “larger, meat-focused dishes aren’t as compelling.” [Citypaper]

• Penn Appetit found the flavor of Pub & Kitchen’s “grainy without being crumbly” black pudding was “strong without being too salty,” and the Churchill Burger was “nothing to necessarily write home about.” [Penn Appetit]

The Happy Rooster’s cream of cauliflower soup was “much too salty” for Phyllis Stein-Novack’s tastes, but with the “simply sautéed” soft shell crabs, Chef Matt Savastano “allowed the ingredients to speak for themselves.” [South Philly Review]

Perch Pub’s Mussels Are an “Instance of Excellent Execution”;