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‘Oversalting’ and ‘Inexplicably Bland’ Dishes Bog Down Fathom; 1518 Bar & Grill Is ‘Disappointing to the Point of Being Dreadful’

• For “real inspiration” “cutting-edge techniques” and “vivid flavors” LaBan upgrades Fish to three bells, but citing “basic cooking goofs” “inexplicably bland” Jonah crab claws, and “oversalting” on the Fathom fries and crab cake sandwich, he gives Fathom Seafood House just one bell. [Inquirer]

• At Megu Modern Japanese Cuisine Adam Erace finds “crunchy joy” in “dismembering the deep-fried beast” of a soft-shell crab, disappointment in the “flabby instead of ‘crispy’” roasted half-duck and the “simple beauty” in Chef Steven Megu Lin’s “sushi abilities.” [Courier-Post]

• Lari Robling ships out to the deep suburbs for at stop a Milford, NJ’s Ship Inn and reports that Scotch Eggs are one of the “highlights” of the appetizer offerings, and the fish and chips were “perfect,” while the side of mashed peas added “authenticity.” [Daily News]

• Phyllis Stein-Novack writes that 1518 Bar & Grill’s pork and lamb meatballs, romaine salad and mussels all “cried out for seasonings” on a recent visit, and the “tasteless short rib” entrée was “disappointing to the point of being dreadful.” [South Philly Review]

‘Oversalting’ and ‘Inexplicably Bland’ Dishes Bog Down