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Opa Rises Above the ‘Depressing Status Quo’; Bull’s BBQ Serves a ‘Meaty, Tender’ Winner

• At Opa Brian Freedman is thrilled to find the pikelia platter “rise above the vaguely depressing status quo,” but the kokoretsi — “layers of liver, heart and sweetbreads wrapped in a protective spiral of intestine and roasted” — were “marred by tough fat and tissue that made it nearly impossible to chew.” [PW]

• Adam Erace writes that Danny’s Café’s “simmered-all-day stews are singular” and the Vietnamese coffee is served “properly thick.” [Citypaper]

• Phillie Phoodie (not to be confused with Philly Phoodie or checks out Bull’s BBQ at Citizen’s Bank Park and reports the “meaty, tender” were a “winner,” and the baked beans and cole slaw sides were “exceptional.” [Daily News]

• In a side-by-side survey, Carolyn Wyman weighs Tasty Baking Co.’s goods against its new owner’s and finds Flowers Food’s Mrs. Freshley’s chocolate Mini Donuts are “no match” for Tasty’s. In the chocolate cupcake category, Mrs. Freshley’s have a “bitter chemical aftertaste.” [Citypaper]

• With “plenty of chocolate flavor,” a “dense crumb in the cake” and a “lightly whipped, Swiss meringue buttercream,” Whipped Bakeshop prevails in Lari Robling’s assessment of the city’s cupcakes. [Daily News]

Opa Rises Above the ‘Depressing Status Quo’; Bull’s BBQ Serves