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Nazarian Considers Hooking Hollywood Up With Hakkasan

Caviar-topped dim sum, anyone?
Caviar-topped dim sum, anyone? Photo: Sarah_Ackerman via Flickr

So is this how it works now? Every time Sam Nazarian goes to a restaurant he likes, he’s going to bring it to Hollywood? Yesterday the mogul opened Papaya King in a not-so-even exchange that could eventually endow New York with its first Katsuya (we can’t really improve on giving them Nobu, after all). Now Eater is reporting that the SBE CEO is considering a partnership with Hakkasan, the tony Michelin-stared Cantonese chain that cuts it in London, Miami, Mumbai, and Abu Dhabi, but is unlikely to woo Monterey Park regulars with its WP24-style take on haute Chinese.

Just as Los Angeles magazine is discovering L.A.’s spectacular Chinese food, do we really need another Philippe Chow? In any case, you can see Hakkasan’s menu of caviar-topped Peking duck, charcoal grilled silver cod with Champagne and honey, and stir-fried lobster, online. In the meantime, can someone score Nazarian a ticket to Copenhagen? We’d really like to see a Noma Express land on L.A. in the next few years.

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Nazarian Considers Hooking Hollywood Up With Hakkasan