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Maybe Andy Dick Should Just Be Barred From Going to Restaurants Altogether

Slowly back away when he does this
Slowly back away when he does this Photo: Eccentric Scholar via Flickr

The walking/talking party-foul commonly known as Andy Dick has been arrested (AGAIN) for acting drunk and stupid at a restaurant. The L.A. Times reports that police nabbed the comedian at a Temecula Marie Callender’s a little after 9:00 P.M. on Monday night after receiving a call about an “intoxicated male subject who was causing a disturbance inside the restaurant.” That’s our Andy! When the cops came, they found Dick cooperative but obliterated, and after determining that the 44-year-old was “unable to care for his own safety,” booked him on suspicion of public intoxication. Is it finally time that some legislative body just bans Andy from going to restaurants altogether?

Clearly there’s a pattern in Dick’s life. Andy goes out to eat (or maybe just to annoy people who do) and inevitably lives up to his namesake. Let’s recount some of the last few incidents where the challenges of dining and drinking didn’t work out so well for the man (settle in for a long read).

Dick was arrested last year in West Virginia on suspicion of felony sexual abuse when two people (including the bouncer) claimed he got too touchy-feely with them at a bar called Rum Runners. And that’s just the kind of material he tries out on the road.

Closer to home, Dick was arrested in 2008 for drug possession and battery after he fondled a 17-year-old girl at a Murrieta location of Buffalo Wild Wings. This past September, Dick pulled an unsuspecting Grub Street photographer onto his lap at Freak City before making a soused spectacle of himself at Hollywood star hangout Bar Marmont. The next month, he made diners at Cafe Audrey say hello to his little friend. Sadly, but not surprisingly, this isn’t Dick’s first spot of trouble in Temecula either. Only a little more than a year ago, he got kicked out of a winery there for indulging in his typical shenanigans.

Prior to his 2009 turn on TV’s Sober House, Dick told The Huffington Post, “When I drink I turn into a moron. I think I’m being funny and clever, but I look back on the video tape and I border on retardation.” At this point, all we can do is tell restaurateurs to be on the lookout and hope that Dr. Drew is back on the case.

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Maybe Andy Dick Should Just Be Barred From Going to Restaurants Altogether