Man Sues Grub Hub After $1 Fettucini Alfredo Discrepancy

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Exhibit A.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is Exhibit A. Photo: Wyscan/Flickr

In September of 2009, Cory Miller ordered fettucini alfredo from Pompei using Grub Hub, an online ordering service based in Chicago. Though the company claims that it doesn’t charge for using its site, Miller noticed that the pasta dish was $1 more than Pompei advertised on its regular menu. Nearly two years later, he is now suing Grub Hub for “violating consumer-fraud statutes.” Essentially, the lawyers will have to prove that the company is willfully charging higher prices without letting customers know. What do you think? Is this a major conspiracy, or did a restaurant just forget to update its menu?

Considering how often restaurants change their prices, it seems likely that it simply entered the information incorrectly. That said, Grub Hub doesn’t charge customers directly, and instead “gets a cut” of the total bill. According to Crain’s, Grub Hub has denied any wrongdoing, but “declined to comment on the specifics of the suit.” Still, the company issued a statement that claimed that it recognizes “that there are instances where a restaurant may not have notified us of menu changes or updates.” In fact, it is even asking “diners and restaurant owners can report any discrepancy they see.”

Has anyone else noticed any price differences when they’ve used Grub Hub before?

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Man Sues Grub Hub After $1 Fettucini Alfredo Discrepancy