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Logan Square Farmers Market May Not Get its Permit

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With the weather actually cooperating, it’s about time for the farmers markets to start up again. Unfortunately, one community market is having some unexpected issues this year with its permit. At noon today, the City’s Committee on Special Events will hold a hearing to see whether the Logan Square Farmers Market will get the permits needed to operate on a section of Logan Boulevard. There are obviously two sides to the story, but there is absolutely no doubt that the issue comes down to politics.

In February, Alderman Rey Colon won reelection in the 35th Ward, which is where the market is located. According to Gapers Block, he is upset about campaigning that went on at the market during the past election season. The biggest issue seems to be with Paul Levin, who is the executive director of the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, and who also helps run the market. Leven openly supported a rival candidate, Nancy Schiavone, for alderman. While it’s fine to endorse another candidate, Colon is accusing Leven of campaigning for Schiavone at the market and while “on the clock for the Chamber.”

Gapers Block mentions that Colon has made it clear that he wants Levin “removed from his post,” and it looks like he is holding on to the permit until the firing goes through. It’s not clear what would happen to market if it lost is permits. The Logan Square Famers Market is denying all charges and is asking for residents to testify at the meeting today. Looks like we’ll just have to wait to see what happens at the noon meeting.

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Logan Square Farmers Market May Not Get its Permit