Latino Deals Site ‘Groupacho’ Launches in L.A.

Are <i>birria</i> bargains in our near future?
Are birria bargains in our near future? Photo: Scaredy Kat via Flickr

Yet another deals site launches today in Los Angeles, only this time, there’s the promise of a little Latin flavor. Called “Groupacho,” the best part at this early juncture is clearly that name. Way to unite the perception of inclusivity with a giant bowl of something saboroso and the general vibe of GroupOn, you guys! The site comes from founder David Barr, whose name is clearly not as festive (nor as “Latino”) as the site’s. An online press release lays out the M.O. here: “Groupacho will focus on deals that reflect the lifestyle of Latino families in Los Angeles.” How does that translate into discounts?

The first two deals push bargains at EZ Lube (who will try to up-sell you on a new air filter anyway) and La Fonda Supper Club (not the Colombian La Fonda). The offers themselves read a little like GroupOn or TravelZoo, with users paying $20 up front to receive $50 at the Wilshire Mexican restaurant.

The review of La Fonda, meanwhile, is a little more Blackboard Eat-sian, telling us why and what to eat there and what the significance of the restaurant is. There are some clunky moments, like when the review hits its Spanglish stride, as in: “Whether you’re celebrating a special day or just looking for a fun night out con tus amigos…” Did they hire the great Mimi Valdés Ryan to write this or something? Yes, we laugh, despite being the ones who just clumsily attempted to use “saboroso” in a sentence.

So this will be an interesting site to watch as it tries to carve out its own niche. We sure do love our Mexican food in this town. But while we’re dying for deep discounts at Rivera and Casita Mexicana, or something to off-set the cost of gas for a trip down to La Huasteca, one of the reasons we maintain such a high taco intake ourselves is the practical cost of hearty sustenance at one to three dollars a dish. We don’t really need a discount at Leo’s or Mexicali, as cheap as we are. And we certainly wouldn’t want our taqueros to be put out by the sometimes devastating or headscratching effects of deal sites.

But here’s hoping the site still finds a way to bring attention to lesser-known, worthy vendors struggling to make it out there, while also trying to tempt us to the Pinches, La Cabanas, and Camacho’s of the world.

Groupacho Launches Latino-Centric Daily Deals Website in Los Angeles [Groupacho]
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Latino Deals Site ‘Groupacho’ Launches in L.A.