Food + Porn Wants to Open Up Armory for Farmers’ Markets and Such

The vast Star Wars set by George Lucas." width=700px height=467px>
The vast “drill court” space was once used to house a Star Wars set by George Lucas. Photo: via

A farmers’ market on the premises of a fetish porn company? Only in San Francisco! Yes,, the owners of the enormous Armory at Mission and 14th Street, would like to begin lending out the 38,000 square foot, five-story space at the rear of the building — formerly used as a drill court for the National Guard, and later as a venue for boxing matches and military-sponsored entertainments — for use by community groups, film festivals, and yes, farmers’ markets. “We want to resurrect this space as a place of assembly,” owner Peter Acworth tells the Examiner. Just don’t be surprised if you hear a few cries of pleasure from deep in the catacombs while you’re sniffing melons.

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