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How will Mayor Emanuel Change Chicago’s Food Scene?

Our new mayor...
Our new mayor…

For the first time in over two decades Chicago has a new mayor. As you can imagine, everyone wants to know what he’ll do and where he’ll eat along the way.

• Steve Dolinsky offered Rahm two suggestions on how to improve Chicago’s food scene. The first one is to legalize cooking on food trucks, which many people have already called for. But the second one is something we haven’t heard much about. Dolinsky gives a passionate plea for a “Full-Time, Year-Round Indoor/Outdoor Market,” even hinting that the city should hook up with the Green City Market and open a new space in West Town. [WBEZ]

• Speaking of food trucks, The Feast asked mobile food pioneer Matt Maroni about whether he thought Mayor Emanuel would quickly change the laws that prohibit cooking on most trucks. Maroni said, “I know he has bigger issues to tackle than just food trucks, but I’ve been working on this over a year now and it would be good to see something done.” [The Feast]

• Want to know the best places to catch our new mayor around the city? Time Out issued a list of the ten places to spot Rahm Emanuel, and four of them happen to serve food. Wicker Park residents should look for him at Piece. [TOC

• The Tribune notes that a “platform of his mayoral campaign” was to help with more community gardens and build grocery stores in food deserts. He’s off to a good start as he began his inauguration weekend by doing some “community cleanup” in Grant Park. [Trib]

How will Mayor Emanuel Change Chicago’s Food Scene?