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How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Chicago Way

We are expecting Big Star to be <a href=out of control tonight." width=330px height=412px>
We are expecting Big Star to be out of control tonight.

Getting stumbling drunk on frozen margaritas for Cinco de Mayo is about as Mexican as chugging green beer on St. Patricks’s Day is Irish. Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t get out there and take advantage of all the deals tonight. You just need a plan. Here’s a collection of what the experts in Chicago are saying.

• Steve Dolinsky did the hard work for all of us and picked his favorite places in the city for margaritas. It’s no real surprise that Frontera and Topolobampo came in at number one. That said, you might have an easier time getting into his number two pick, Salpicon!. [WBEZ]

• Along the same lines, are you against tequila that tastes like rubbing alcohol? The Tribune gives a handy guide to this misunderstood spirit, and also details where you can go to taste the best stuff. Mercadito, Big Star, and Zocalo all make the list. [Trib]

• Of course, man can not survive on booze alone. You must have dessert, too. Chicago’s own authority, Rick Bayless, gave the Denver Post a recipe for Strawberry Tres Leches Shortcake. [Denver Post]

• The general consensus is that you won’t be able to get into Big Star tonight due to mass hysteria. Luckily, both Eater and Time Out dished out 10 alternatives. Even though six of their picks overlap, that still leaves you with plenty of options. [TOC, Eater]

• Of course, if you want to avoid tacos altogether but still want to keep the theme, how about a list of the best Mexican hot dogs in the city? [Examiner]

How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Chicago Way