Get Your Tickets Pronto for Anemochory Supper Club’s First Dinner

Photo: Anemochory

BRT notes that underground farm-to-table supper club Anemochory has announced their inaugural underground club-style dinners, the first of which happens over the course of two nights in late June. Co-creator Donna Robinson wants to put a new spin on the whole supper club trend with not just locally sourced food but also carefully chosen entertainment and a full-on “artistic experience.” These experiences will transpire at a variety of super-top-secret locations, including churches, lofts, private abodes, and barns. And you still have a couple of days to get on the opening list!

Visit their site to vie for a spot on their guest list and to receive invites to upcoming feasts, all at undisclosed (to the public) locations. You’ll enjoy three-course meals, conversation with like-minded diners at communal tables, and a variety of options courtesy local farmers and purveyors. Each meal kicks off with a 30-minute mingling session over appetizers. At this point, Robinson will explain the history of each dish and its origins, which she hopes will stimulate conversation.

“Obviously the main thing is that we want people to consider what they’re eating without preaching and consider where the food is coming from. Why would you be eating a Washington apple when you have an apple tree in your backyard?” she says.

She says to expect one event per month in Boston, with other dinners happening in Martha’s Vineyard and Los Angeles in the months to come. Invitations to the kickoff will go out in the next couple of days. So hurry up and get on that list! And if you’re too late? Don’t worry; you can visit their contact page to stay in the loop about future feasts.

“We’re exclusive, but not elitist,” Robinson assures us.

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Get Your Tickets Pronto for Anemochory Supper Club’s First Dinner