George Abou-Daoud Opening Rosewood Tavern Next Week on Fairfax

We’re not sure where he gets the energy or time, but Bowery, Delancey, Mercantile, Mission Cantina, Gelatovino, and Tamarind Deli owner George Abou-Daoud is opening another place next week. Not only that, the Hollywood heavy even decorated it himself, according to his press release. Rosewood Tavern will be another chic rustic space opening at 448 N. Fairfax, the former location of Black Sea.

Rosewood is an updated steak and chophouse restaurant, with a fondness for Scotch and Irish Whiskeys at the bar, where 28 craft brews will be on draft as well. In addition to upscale servings of red meat (the “finest” chops and steaks we’re being promised), Abou-Daoud mentions menu items like Indian spiced chicken wings and a slow roasted beef dip, while a beer list prizes rarities like Eel River’s Triple Exultation and Hair of The Dog Fred. We’ve come to expect a certain level of perfection and ingenuity at Abou-Daoud’s consistent stable of restaurants and knowing the perfectionist behind the curtain, we expect nothing less than something both dependable and electrifying here.

Rosewood Tavern, opens next week at 448 N. Fairfax Ave. Fairfax Village.

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George Abou-Daoud Opening Rosewood Tavern Next Week on Fairfax