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Garden Grove Seeks To Control Its Lingerie Cafes

Vietnamese lingerie cafes? We didn’t even know this was a thing until LAist laid out the juicy details. Apparently, in Garden Grove, you can have your ca phe sua da served by a waitress wearing lingerie, a bikini, and sometimes even less. Think Royal/T without the thin veneer of “cos-play” and with a holy heap of perverts really taking their time over that boba. Now, OC Register reports that the city is seeking to get some control over what it calls “Little Saigon’s best-kept secret.”

Police in Garden Grove are linking this wanton display of waitress flesh with gang activity, gambling, and (oh, heavens!) the scourge of smoking. Now the cops have introduced an ordinance that specifies what the gals may wear and seeks to limit activities involving arcade games and smoking. We’re guessing that the trickle-down theory will take care of the suspected gang activity. These teahouses of questionable repute aren’t really all fun and games. According to the story, a slew of robberies and assaults marred the happy times in 2010 and one O.C. police chief says the gambling is similarly out of control.

The proposed ordinance asks that all arcade games be banned from such locations and that window tinting not be allowed, so officers can get a free show an investigative look from the outside. Furthermore, the ordinance would restrict women from exposing “any part of their breasts below the areola,” lest, you know, somebody loses an eye or something.

Naturally, it is not only criminal shot-callers and heavily panting slobs in trench-coats who are raising a fuss about the proposed new rules. The owner of one Cafe Miss Cutie claims that the video games help her stay afloat and that all of her waitresses wear blouses up top.

Meanwhile, we’re no math experts, but we are still left wondering what kind of transitive property connects skimpy costumes to dangerous, gambling, chain-smoking gang-members. If that held true, wouldn’t Hooters and The Tilted Kilt look more like the final scenes of Training Day by now?

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Garden Grove Seeks To Control Its Lingerie Cafes