For Dad at Drago: Pig’s Trotters, Hog Head Cheese, Coffee Cauliflower, and Beer

Drago chef Evan Gotanda, executive executor of the restaurant’s recent duck menu, has something up his sleeve for your dad: five courses of pork paired with five different beers. The $59 dinner ($20 more for the beer) is for the dad who isn’t afraid to get down on some offal. The menu starts with a spread of head cheese with pickled vegetables, includes pigs feet croquettes, and ends on a bacon blood pudding, with nthe option to pair Italian, German, Belgian, and U.S. beers with each bite. Over at Downtown’s Drago Centro, the offer of a six-course dinner for dad is less porcine and less anatomical, with entrees like horseradish crusted halibut and lobster carbonara offered among the $70 selections ($30 extra for beer). Check out both menus below if you’re in search of a gift for the family patron who really likes to pig-out.

“Festa del Papa” Dinner
Sunday, June 19th, 2011
5:30-11:00 P.M.
$59, $79 with beer


Testina di maiale, verdure all’ agro
Head cheese, pickled vegetables, toast
Italian Lager, Moretti, Italy

Zampone croccante, spuma di patate e tartufo
Pig trotter croquettes, potato foam, truffle sauce
Belgian Trappist Style Abbey Ale, Ommegang, New York

Pancetta arrosto, polenta al gorgonzola
Pork belly, polenta gorgonzola cream, cherry
Belgian Trappist Ale, Orval, Belgium

Filetto di bue aromatizzato al caffe
Pork tenderloin, coffee cauliflower
Julebryg-style Dark Rye Ale, the Brewery, California

Budino di pane e bacon, gelato
Bacon bread pudding, maple gelato
German Doppelbock, Ayinger “the Celebrator,” Germany

Drago Centro
Sunday, June 19th
Festa del Papa
5:00-9:00 P.M.


Prosciutto, bocconcini mozzarella, compressed melon
Allagash, White, Maine

Horseradish crusted halibut, caramelized onions
Green Flash, Le Freak, San Diego

Lobster carbonara, egg yolks, parmesan cheese
Russian River Brewing, Damnation, Sonoma

Crispy pork belly, potato gnocchi, chile foam
Broweij Bosteels, Triple Karmeliet, Belgium

New York strip, gorgonzola piccante, garlic puree
Ommegang, Abbey Ale, New York

Chocolate crème, cigar ice cream
The Bruery, Rugbrød, Orange County

For Dad at Drago: Pig’s Trotters, Hog Head Cheese, Coffee Cauliflower, and Beer