First Look at Roots Handmade Pizza, Opening Today

Chicago is set to get its first taste of Quad City-style pizza today, as Roots Handmade Pizza opens at 4 p.m in the Ukrainian Village. Co-owned by Greg Mohr and Scott Weiner — who have already brought us the Fifty/50 — the development of the restaurant was spurred on by Mohr, who wanted to bring the style of pizza he grew up with in Rock Island to Chicago. Last week we had a look at the menu, and detailed exactly what makes the pie so unique. Now, we have a first look inside the massive space, and also have some shots of what this mysterious pizza will actually look like.

As we’ve mentioned before, the team created a series of hilarious videos, which detailed how the two learned how to make this style of pizza. What those don’t show is that they actually convinced Marv Wise, the owner of Quad City’s famous Wise Guys Pizza in Davenport, to help with the recipe. In fact, Wise will be sticking around Roots for the next six weeks to make sure everything is done correctly.

Along with pizza, the menu features a huge salad section, a range of sausages, and some pasta items. Roots also maintains a huge Midwestern beer list, with over 70 local brews available. There is also a collection of cocktails, including a spiked root beer with dark spiced rum. Check out the full drink menu here [PDF].

Otherwise, check out our slideshow below.

Roots Handmade Pizza, 1924 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622; 773-645-4949

Chicago’s first Quad City-style pizzeria is opening today. 
The seating area features these large booths along one side of the wall. 
Plenty of restaurants have their own beer, but what about their own root beer? 
The oven can pump out a lot of pizzas. 
The pizza features a dark crust, plentiful cheese, and long rectangular slices that are cut with scissors.  Photo: J. Karl Brewick/? J. Karl Brewick 2010
The dough is hand-stretched, so it is thicker at the end than in the middle.  Photo: J. Karl Brewick/? J. Karl Brewick 2010
The charbroiled sausage is served with feta cheese, diced red onion, and cucumber dill sauce. It is housed in house-baked French bread. Photo: J. Karl Brewick/? J. Karl Brewick 2010
The staff prepares for opening day. 
First Look at Roots Handmade Pizza, Opening Today