First Look at Moko’s Menu

Photo: Moko

We were already chomping at the bit to try the new concept by Russian Tea Room and Georgio’s vet Gary Robins as he interprets Korean cooking at Culver City’s brand-new Moko. Now that the menu has landed on our desk(tops), we instantly understand why. Broken neatly into several sections, gourmet ingredients lead the way, with the occasional European technique working in concert with sophisticated Korean cuisine. Kim chi is made with Napa cabbage, while other banchan utilize sugar snaps, pea shoots, and heirloom beets. The fried chicken wings are made with Jidori, the beef tartar from wagyu, and the prices don’t even start to graze the luxury levels of Chinese at WP24.

Label consciousness aside, the menu offers quite a lot of options, broken into sections for banchan, raw seafood, skewers of pork belly, galbi, and asparagus, mandu dumplings that include one with foie and duck meat, four variations on jeon pancakes, and wraps with grilled prawns, sesame duck confit, and soy-braised pig feet and pork shank. Tabletop barbecue has not been left out of the picture, either, while a selection of entrees includes grilled octopus, a seafood-stuffed egg custard, and truffle-scented wagyu carpaccio. An impressive selection of draft beers (they have Hite), soju and sake, and cocktails have been designed around Robins’ menu as well, giving you such choices as draft Chimay, soju, vodka, and barley-based Korean punch, and Daiginjo sake made right here in California. Check out the menu below, but don’t dare take our table!

Moko, 9540 Culver Blvd. Culver City. 310-838-3131.

Moko’s Menu


three for $7.5 / five for $12 / seven for $16

pickled napa cabbage

Silken Tofu
ginger dashi broth

Sweet Lotus
honey braised with sesame and soy

Kong Namul
mixed sprouts with spring onions, sesame and soy

Purple Eggplant Namul
gochu jang, green onions, and sesame

Market Radish Namul
sweet ginger and pineapple mint

Asparagus Namul
barley, pea shoots and crisped garlic

Sugar Snap Peas
with wok seared chili coated dried squid and golden shoots

Asian Pear and Kholrabi Salad
pea shoots and perilla with mustard vinaigrette

Chiogga Beets
sautéed with jujubes and apple smoked bacon

Watermelon Namul
with toasted almonds, ginger and mitsuna

HOEH (Raw)

select seasonal oysters served on the half shell with yuzu mignonette
$3 ea

yuzu citrus jus with pickled jalapenos and crisp garlic $13

black garlic, ginger and wasabi oil $11

Tai Snapper
asian pear jus and pickled ginger $12

crispy leeks and red chili jang $11

Ahi Tuna
yuzu, soy and blood orange olive oil $12

KOCHI (Skewers)

MoKo Vegetables marinated in sweet soy, with rice cakes and green chilies $8

Market Asparagus tempura, with yuzu soy dipping sauce $9

Apricot Ginger Glazed Chicken with green chili chutney and minted cucumbers $9

Grilled Galbi Marinated Beef red chili pineapple ssamjang and truffle essence $11

Crisped Pork Belly & Scallop minted grapefruit, aji amarillo jang and micro arugula $12

MANDU (Dumplings)

Kimchi eggplant, mushrooms and silken tofu with pinenut mustard dipping sauce $8

Green Onion Pork Wontons in red chili sesame broth $8

Steamed Shrimp with black vinegar dipping sauce $9

Pan Fried Duck and Foie Gras with sour cherry dipping sauce $12

JEON (Pancakes)

Kimchi Jeon with apple smoked bacon, crisp pork belly and chili plum sauce $12

Soju Cured Salmon crisp potato pancakes with pickled onions and ginger cream $13

Zucchini and Golden Squash Cakes with grilled shrimp and sesame tomato chutney $13

Shrimp and Crab Jeon asparagus, green onions, avocado and spicy Asian greens $15

SSAM (Wraps)

Grilled Prawn in jjin bahng with grilled red onion, avocado and aji amarillo jang $5 ea

Crisp Pork Belly spicy cress asian pear in jjin bahng with sesame aioli, gochujang $5 ea

Soy Braised Pork feet and shank served warm with sweet lettuces and ssam jang $12

Sesame Duck Confit mango and wild arugula with ginger aioli and chipotle jang $6 ea


MoKo Wings
crispy jidori chicken in chili garlic sauce with tofu crema $10

ginger scented egg custard with shrimp, crab, and parmesan crisp $12

Wagyu Beef Roseu Pyeonchae
truffle scented seared beef carpaccio with asian pear and arugula salad $13

Tartar of Wagyu Beef
sesame scented with green onions toasts and nashi pear salad $12

Grilled Mediterranean Octopus
gingered potato salad and black garlic vinaigrette $14

Grilled Whole Red Snapper
forbidden rice with pine nuts and mustard greens, banchan, and warm fried ginger yuzu vinaigrette M.P.


Clams and Mussel Jjigae
red chili broth with pork belly, tofu and shiitake mushrooms $14

Chili Garlic Scented Monkfish
lemongrass shrimp broth with braised daikon and wilted mustard greens $25


Scallops $8pc
Giant Blue Prawns $9pc
Oysters $3pc
Coulotte Steak 5oz $14
Marinated Kalbi $18
Marrow $7
Pork Belly $8
Red Chili Pork Tenderloin 5oz $13

Market Vegetables $7
Spring Onions and Peppers
Wild Mushrooms
Zucchini and Eggplant
Shisito Peppers

Wrap it up $5
rice, pickled garlic, green chilies
and garden lettuces

MoKo Sauces $2
Lemon Grass Dipping
Pineapple SsamJang
Chipotle Jang
Ginger Apricot

First Look at Moko’s Menu