Ferran Adrià’s New Bar Gets ‘Reviewed’ by the Times

Yes, we all know that the I Ate at El Bulli Pieces will have to end when the famed restaurant closes this year. Luckily, Ferran and Albert Adrià have two new places: Tickets, and 41°, a tapas spot and cocktail lounge, respectively, located in Barcelona. And that means food writers can now write about going to these two eateries instead. In fact, the Times (as guilty as anyone of perpetuating the IAAEBP phenomenon) barely missed a beat and, over the weekend, ran an IAA41°P disguised as a review. The verdict? It’s good! And the food is basically El Bulli Lite. Especially noteworthy: Servers wear shoes embroidered with the 41° logo — so much more boss than orange clogs. [NYT]

Ferran Adrià’s New Bar Gets ‘Reviewed’ by the