Eric Greenspan Mutates Breakfast at Tart This Weekend

Greenspan's pancake breakfast lasagna
Greenspan’s pancake breakfast lasagna Photo: Tart

This Friday the 13th, prepare for chills as Eric Greenspan unleashes a new monstrous creation called breakfast lasagna on Tart! Muhahahaha! Yes, this is the weekend that The Foundry chef will take over the restaurant at The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, the start of a regular monthly series that will find different chefs riffing on different mealtimes. Greenspan is throwing his notoriously novel spin onto breakfast, with such items as a breakfast lasagna layered with pancakes, bacon, cheese, and sausage, and its “chosen” counterpart, “Jews-Sagna,” which comes with smoked salmon and eggs. What else does the madman have in store?

There will also be hash browns stuffed with different options of vegetables, cheese, and meat and topped with a choice of thick coats like chili or guacamole, as well as entree offerings like Hawaiian eggs Benedict and chicken fried short ribs, plus three variations on both Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Every dish is priced at twelve bucks, while drinks come in at nine.

It sounds like Greenspan’s not only reinventing breakfast here, but might just give Griddle Cafe a run for its money in the monstrous breakfast-on-steroids department. Check out the full menu below. If you dare to give it a try, make a reservation on OpenTable.

Eric Greenspan Pops-Up at Tart
May 13th-15th
Reservations on OpenTable


Lasagnas $12

The Pancake
pancakes / bacon / eggs / cheddar cheese / sausage / maple béchamel

The Egg White
egg whites / asparagus / peppers / olives / spinach / parmesan

The Jews-Sagna
smoked salmon / red onion / eggs / cucumber / capers / cream cheese crepes

Stuffed Hashbrowns $12
Stuffed With: Choose 3, additional stuffing $1,unless noted

cheddar cheese
jack cheese
goat cheese
blue cheese

*$2 supplemental charge

Topped With: Choose 1, additional toppings $2 unless noted

3 eggs your choice**
cheese sauce
country gravy
sour cream

** $3 supplemental charge

Et. Al $12

Hawaiian Benedict - pineapple hollandaise / poached egg / spam / hawaiian bread
Chicken Fried Short Ribs - biscuits / country gravy / cheesy eggs
Sticky Bun French Toast - pecans / bourbon whipped cream / golden raisins
Bowl of Yogurt - market fruit / homemade granola


Marys $9
Bloody Maria - tequila / tomatillo / tobasco / jalapeno
Spa - tomato water / grapefruit / cucumber / celery
Dirty - beef bouillon / peppercorns / olives / dirty sue

Mimosas $9
Cava - cointreau / tangerine
Prosecco - lemonade / limon cello
Champagne - chambord raspberry / raspberries

Eric Greenspan Mutates Breakfast at Tart This Weekend