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Downtown’s Restaurant Row Readies for Salvage Bar and Lounge

Rendering of Salvage
Rendering of Salvage Photo: Salvage via Facebook

Downtown’s Seventh Street, probably the smartest place to plunk a restaurant down nowadays, will see the opening of Salvage Bar and Lounge this June. The project will take over 2,700 square feet on the ground level of The Roosevelt Residences, housed in a historic building built in 1926. The design seeks to live up to the title here, with restored castaway materials from The Roosevelt’s construction forming much of the space. To this end, there will be old fixtures and doors, Carrara marble slabs, and touches like original exposed brick and grand friezes and panels.

Above you’ll see a rendering of the space, which looks both super-luxurious and slightly extraterrestrial, sort of like that issue of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: Idiots Abroad, when Phineas became a rich emir.

At this point not a word is being said in the press release about whether there will be food or a chef of note or what we’ll be drinking here. Just a lot of excitement about the design and a faint promise of organic mixology and draft beers. We’ll see come June.

Salvage Bar & Lounge, 717 W. Seventh St. Downtown. 213-688-7755.

Downtown’s Restaurant Row Readies for Salvage Bar and Lounge