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Danny Trejo Plans His Own Taco Shop in O.C.

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

You’ve seen his molded mug on the side of a taco truck and wondered over the unlikely Venice spot where this Echo Park and Pacoima-raised bad-ass gets his favorite tacos. Now, L.A. Weekly tells us that actor/youth mentor Danny Trejo is going into the Mexican food business himself!

The story claims that the action star is planning on opening Trejo’s Place in Huntington Beach, while O.C. Weekly points us to an earlier mention of Trejo’s Tacos, which is clearly a better name if it’s to be a taqueria. We’re not exactly sure of what to expect here, short of a stronger celebrity endorsement for Mexican food than Wee-Man’s Chronic Tacos and possibly some great shrimp.

Over on Foodspotting, we get a quick peek at a pastor taco from a place called Trejo’s in Huntington Beach. Sure enough, there appears to already be a Trejo’s over here, albeit one without Danny’s involvement. If we were them, we’d probably be willing to give the dude full rights to the name before he has a chance to tear off his shirt and start the mean-mugging.

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Danny Trejo Plans His Own Taco Shop in O.C.