Chefs’ Final Supper Requests Reveal the Culinary Ties That Bind

Photo: Hatfield’s

Really!? Not even a friggin’ apocalypse goes right in this country anymore. Yep, we all managed to survive the rapture that some aging nut was predicting and many a food blog gave voice to last week. Still, even if we weren’t lucky enough to watch all the holier-than-thou’s disappear from earth in one fell swoop, we did get this fun little nugget from Los Angeles magazine that asked chefs what they would pick for their last meal on earth. What’d they have to say?

Workhorse that he is, Ricardo Zarate would actually choose to do the cooking for others during the apocalypse, while Mark Gold would open Eva only to serve himself a Philly cheesesteak. David Myers appears to have both the best taste and the highest expectations for Doomsday, telling the mag he’d like, “A kaiseki experience in Kyoto, then move on to sushi at Saito in Tokyo, then finally wrap up with a great grill-out with friends in Bali.” Sounds great, David, even if you are kind of going into “wishing for more wishes” territory.

But the sweetest responses come from chefs who we know to be lovebirds. Karen Hatfield reveals that she’d force the mighty Quinn to make the same dish that had her first swooning over him: “Simple roast chicken with artichoke and celery root gratin. And lots of good German beer!”

Meanwhile, Bryant Ng of The Spice Table keeps that which is truly important in mind when faced with impending obliteration. No, it’s not several courses at Kitcho, but his wife. Ng says, “I’d love to have my wife’s chicken pho. I know it sounds pretty damn cheesy, but it’s true. At least in the last moments I’ll be reminded of her. ” Awwwwww….

The answers are true win-wins for these chefs. They get serious brownie points from their loved ones and survive total, all-encompassing global ruin to reap the rewards.

Is Judgment Day Upon Us?: L.A. Chefs Share Their Last Meals [Los Angeles]

Chefs’ Final Supper Requests Reveal the Culinary Ties That Bind