The Other Critics

Charcoal’s Ambitious Efforts ‘Need a Bit More Practice’; Sang Kee Serves a ‘Perfectly Roasted Duck’

• Talk about beard to tail dining: Brian Freedman and “a table of very grateful omnivores” dig in on pigs heads at Osteria, and pig tails at Adsum all in quest to get to the bottom of the city’s “sudden fascination with the whole animal.” [PW]

• Adam Erace says some of the more ambitious efforts put forth by the Plescha at Yardley’s Charcoal, like the “cube of fried hollandaise” served with the hanger steak and the “bitter and medicinal” liquid-nitro caramel ice creamm, “need a bit more practice.” [Citypaper]

• Phyllis Stein-Novack “adored” the “yin and yang of sweet and slightly pungent” plum garlic sauce that is served with Sang Kee Asian Bistro’s “meaty, juicy, perfectly roasted duck.” [South Philly Review]

• Two Eat Philly check out Chinatown’s Ocean City for dim sum and report the “thick and doughy” bao buns were “slightly dry,” but the wilted cabbage-stuffed bun was “much more enjoyable.” [Two Eat Philly]

Charcoal’s Ambitious Efforts ‘Need a Bit More Practice’; Sang