Cellulose Use Rising; Bittman on Junk-Food Guidelines

• Did you know that the additive cellulose is made out of wood pulp? It is, and it turns out there’s a lot more of it in our food these days. Yum! [WSJ]

• Anna Boiardi, granddaughter of the man behind Chef Boyardee, has a new cookbook. Sadly, there’s no recipe for Beefaroni. [NYP]

• Here’s Mark Bittman’s take on the government’s new guidelines for junk-food-makers. In short: They’re not gonna work. [Opinionator/NYT]

• Yes, Chipotle uses humanely raised animals for its meat, but U.S. immigration agents have expanded their investigation of the company’s employment practices, since the burrito chain has an uncanny knack for keeping its labor costs low. [Reuters]

• A new Belgian study says that lowering your sodium intake won’t make much difference when it comes to preventing heart disease. [USAT]

Cellulose Use Rising; Bittman on Junk-Food Guidelines