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Case Closed on the Mystery of the Tipsy Toddlers

Photo: Courtesy Applebees

One of the most puzzling aspects of our time is why on earth anyone at a restaurant (we’re looking at you, Applebee’s, Olive Garden) would serve precious booze to toddlers. Now, thanks to stunning investigative journalism and a nuanced understanding of the inner workings of fast-casual restaurants, Consumerist thinks it has the answer.

You see, a lot of big-name chains require employees to keep their personal beverages in the back of the house and covered with a lid. To comply, many use their employers’ sippy-cups, the same spill-proof drinking vessels intended for toddlers (see where this is going?). And as anyone with industry experience knows, some individuals in the hospitality trade enjoy a drink or two while on the job, which is when those kiddie cups provide great cover for a sneaky sip of booze. So, mix two part drunk servers with one part amenable bartenders accustomed to mixing sippy-cup cocktails on the sly … and you’ve got a recipe for somebody messing up and accidentally handing a kid a glass of booze.

How Booze Keeps Getting Served In Sippy Cups To Kids At Restaurants [Consumerist]

Case Closed on the Mystery of the Tipsy Toddlers