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Buzz Bringing Beer, Wine, and Bohemian Aesthetics to Downtown

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

If that recent Wine Riot were to suddenly turn into a store, it would probably look a little like Buzz, slated to open Downtown at the end of the month. Buzz is both a retail craft beer and wine shop, operated by two Downtown residents named Scott and David who have a long history in the restaurant business. The two are going for an edgy feel here, with a website featuring dusty bottles and lots of photos of tattooed dudes who should be in bands partying like they indeed are. Buzz promises to ditch the stereotypical formalities of “wine-speak” while offering over 4,000 bottles of under-the-radar wines from 33 countries, 80 types of good bottled beer, 200 prized beers by the keg, and Japanese soju and sake.

The owners describe themselves as wine geeks and plan to hold weekly events and tastings to help customers connect with the often unheard-of wines they carry. It’s not only obscure wines provided here, but there will also be a place for wineries that focus on sustainable practices, too. As for beer, the duo will provide bottled brews from Belgium (Tripel Karmeliet, Duchesse de Bourgogne red) The U.S. (Allagash Curieux, Bear Republic, Russian River) and further afield (Hitachino white, Unibrowe, Thornbridge Alliance), with a lean towards Germany, England, and Italy.

Buzz plans to include personal storage lockers so you can keep your wine at their place, and also plans its own blog. The dudes say, “we want to take you on an experiential journey, listen to music and taste some GOOD juice, while we enlighten and entertain YOU!” Sounds a little like what that creepy dude in college told us when trying to get us into his room. Nonetheless, it sounds like the owners have an irrepressible enthusiasm for alcohol and healthy excess, guaranteeing we’ll have to pay them a visit to see what’s good.

Buzz, opens at the end of May at 460 S. Spring St. Downtown. 213-622-2222.

Buzz Bringing Beer, Wine, and Bohemian Aesthetics to Downtown