Brü Haus Grand-Opening in Brentwood in June

Photo: Brü Haus

Brü Haus, one of many new German places bringing extra brat and more umlauts to our streets, plans to hold a grand-opening on June 11th on Wilshire Blvd. in Brentwood. The restaurant will be book-ended by Cabo Cantina on one end and Q’s on the other, and is no doubt hoping a Wurstkuchian crowd will queue up instead of buying weak nachos or booking it to Papa John’s.

In addition to wieners and burgers, Brü Haus will offer Belgian, German, and U.S. craft brews, which depending on the price, could be a boon to this boulevard and at best, raise its taste-quotient slightly. If not it could foreshadow an early Auf wiedersehen for this strange, emerging German trend. Check out the new pace above and to see a quick preview of the brat, take a look below.

Bru’s Brat
Brü Haus Grand-Opening in Brentwood in June