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Brad Pitt Eats With Courtney Cox at Beso; Dog the Bounty Hunter Lands On Urth

We see you dude, not to worry!
We see you dude, not to worry! Photo: [Le] Doo via Flickr

Stars, they really are just like us. Whether it’s Brad Pitt and Courtney Cox wedged together awkwardly at an industry event at Beso or Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife feeling like badly dressed fish out-of-water at Urth Caffe, we feel their pain. Unlike Dog, we’ve never quite opted for “Hawaiian heavy-metal swap-meet pimps on a meth bender in Reno” as a sartorial choice, but we never look as good as the rest of the mud-sippers at Urth ourselves. In any case, while Dog and dame were putting a choke-hold on their cappuccinos this week, Halle Berry shopped for groceries with her kid, Ryan Philippe ate alone at Comme Ca, and one of Bruce and Demi’s kids got popped for trying to get their swerve on. Haven’t we all been there before in one shape or another? While we reminiscence on days of shoulder-tapping gone horribly awry, see where else celebrities have been eating, drinking, and occasionally acting just like you and me this week in L.A.

Beso: Brad Pitt and Courtney Cox ate dinner together with twelve other people (including promising young pitcher Kenny Powers) at an industry function. See how the media tries to make that sound downright salacious, right over here. [People]

Bristol Farms: Halle Berry was spotted shopping here again AKA we really need to stop going to Ralph’s. [Just Jared]

Chateau Marmont: Lindsay Lohan ate dinner with her sister and two firends. The big news? No one threw up or got arrested. [People]

Comme Ca: Ryan Philippe had lunch all by his lonesome on Wednesday. [Grub Street]
Hollywood Roosevelt: Zac Efron and Joe Jonas said whattup at Beecher’s Madhouse, while David Arquette kept the room in check. We have a feeling at least one of them then got very laid, but People doesn’t really go there. [ People]

Jamba Juice: Shia LaBeouf took his chick for a smoothie. You’re really makin’ it rain there, Shia. [Just Jared]

Mr. Chow: George Clooney turned 50 and for some reason chose to eat here. By George, we’re not sure you get it! [People]

Some Shady Liquor Store in Hollywood: One of the spawns of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was busted with booze at the age of 17. [The Superficial]

Taverna Tony: Halle Berry and dude had a grand time eating on the patio and holding hands and cooing to each other and such. [People]

Urth Caffe
: We’d probably start going to Urth Caffe more if people who dress like Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife kept coming here and fucking with the minds of the today’s fashion-plates. [The Superficial]

Brad Pitt Eats With Courtney Cox at Beso; Dog the Bounty Hunter Lands On Urth