Bonobo Monkeys ‘Chat’ About the Quality of Their Food; Cincinnati Restaurant Toasts to Osama’s Death

• Where Zagat and Yelp fit into evolution: Researchers in the UK have discovered that bonobo monkeys actually communicate about the quality of the kiwis they find, and tell each other other where to find the best ones. [BBC]

• Meet the crew behind Benu, who along with executive chef Corey Lee share a nomination for Best New Restaurant at this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards. [Feast]

• Peet’s Coffee & Tea is celebrating 45 years in business, if you haven’t heard. [Food Gal]

• A restaurateur in Cincinnati is giving away free Champagne at his restaurants to “toast those who carried out the mission to kill bin Laden.” [WLWT]

• Eating more of certain foods, like hot red peppers, can aid in weight loss. [NYT]

• Wouldn’t you know it? As food prices have risen, so have the profits of Archer Daniels Midland, the giant grain company. What a weird coincidence! [Bloomberg]

• Restaurant owners outside Detroit are accused of trying to kill a competitor by beating him with an aluminum bat, as well as threatening to kill his family. Still doesn’t sound as gruesome as the Lucali knife fight. [Detroit Free Press]

• Tilapia: Easy to farm and bland-tasting. No wonder it’s so popular these days! Of course, it also “contains relatively small amounts of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids” and is a major pollution threat. [NYT]

Bonobo Monkeys ‘Chat’ About the Quality of Their Food; Cincinnati