First Look at Bento Burger, Serving Bulgogi-Burger Bento Boxes Tonight
Photo: Melissa Hom

Bento Burger, the dystopian-futuristic Asian roadhouse that’s replacing Marfa (and before that, Waikiki Wally’s) in the space adjoining Lucky Cheng’s, will open tonight after a party ending at 9 p.m. When this joint is in full swing, there’ll be an Internet jukebox blasting J-pop, anime scenes playing on flat-screens, and images from Blade Runner projected onto the floors (the wall graffiti as well as the “clusterfuck chandelier” of neon beer signs will grow over time). The burgers won’t be served on radiation-detecting plates (that’d be taking it a little far), but rather in bento boxes. The food menu is below — as for the cocktails, they’re in the $7 to $9 range and focus mainly on lemonade spiked with infused liquors like lemongrass vodka. With a THX 1138–themed private dining room coming soon, it doesn’t sound far from the kind of quirky little place you’d find in Tokyo — except it’d be on the sixth floor, sandwiched between the “maid café” and the “cat café.” Have a look at our slideshow.

Ginger Gazpacho 5
Summer Rolls 6
Chicken Wings 6
Chicken Spring Rolls 6
Fried Calamari 7
House Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing 5
Asian Pear and Dried Cherry Salad 6
Chinese Almond, Chicken and Mandarin Salad 6
Japanese Pickles and Papaya Mango Slaw 5
Sesame Noodle Salad with Snow Peas 6
Bento Appetizer Platter 16

with Japanese pickles, mango slaw, Bento chips
Beef 10
Sirloin 16
Kobe Beef 19
Japanese Hamburger 11
choose mayo, wasabi aioli or barbeque on the above
Thai Chicken - spicy papaya relish 10
Korean Barbeque Bulgogi Pork - barbeque sauce 10
Mixed Seafood - smoked chipotle thai chile sauce 13
Portobello - avocado aioli 10
Garden Vegetable - avocado aioli 10

Housemade Regular or Today’s Special
Asian Rice Lettuce Wrap Gluten Free

Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack , Sprouts, plus 1
Blue Cheese, Gruyere, Avocado, Bacon, Chile, plus 2

Spicy Papaya Relish, Pineapple Ketchup,
Korean BBQs, Wasabi Aioli, Avocado Aioli,
Ginger Salsa, Smoked Chipotle Thai Chile, Miso Sauce
2 sauces, plus 1

SIDES 5, plus 3 with burger
Traditional Fries
Bento Spice Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Bento Chips with Ginger Salsa
Tempura Green Beans with Wasabi Aioli
Tempura Onion Rings with Wasabi Aioli
Wasabi Mashed Potato
Sesame Noodles
Side Salad
Rice Bowl
Marinated Grilled Vegetables with Miso Sauce
Crunchy Raw Vegetables with Miso Sauce

Bento Burger, 101 E. 2nd St., nr. First Ave.; 212-673-8908

First Look at Bento Burger, Serving Bulgogi-Burger Bento Boxes Tonight