Temporary Closings

Bastide Promises To Reopen in August

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Bastide is at it again. Closing and reopening that is. Eater reports that Joe Pytka’s restaurant is currently without an OpenTable page and that an outgoing voice-mail sketches yet another in a long-history of reinventions, for which it had to quickly close its doors. Could this be one shutter too many for the Melrose Place restaurant?

The great chefs who have filed in and out of the revolving door here are legion and locally legendary (Walter Manzke, Ludo Lefebvre, Paul Shoemaker, and Alain Giraud). After re-opening as a combination restaurant and bookstore in a partnership with Assouline in late 2009, the restaurant’s most recent move was losing Joseph Mahon and hiring the dashing Sydney Hunter III.

A manager with the restaurant tells us this shutter is just for remodeling (fortunately the still beautiful space doesn’t look like some of the people we know with this many renovations) and to expect its reopening (the fourth in nearly ten years) in August.

Any early predictions for what this new version could look like? A toy store? A bait shop? Please let us know your thoughts in our comments.

[a href=”http://la.eater.com/archives/2011/05/20/bastide_shuts_down_for_supposedly_yet_another_remodel.php”>Bastide Shuts Down For (Supposedly) Yet Another Remodel]

Bastide Promises To Reopen in August