First Look at Apl, Serving Uni Ravioli and Fried Pickles Next Week
Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Apl, the Orchard Street project that Camille Becerra checked out of in order to check into Hotel Chanterelle, is opening for drinks this Friday, with dinner service following next Tuesday. After losing Becerra, owner Joey Verdone (a veteran of clubs like Velvet Lounge, Lot 61, and the China Club, and owner of Bay Ridge Elizabeth, New Jersey pizza and cheesesteak joint Philadelphia Grille) decided to design the menu himself, and he’s come up with a mix he’s calling “contemporary continental.” Steve Lewis gave the room some urban edge (graffiti, bronze sneakers hanging from the ceiling), and Verdone’s nightlife roots will be represented by bottle service, the occasional D.J., and drinks by Jeremy Osslund, who created cocktails for the Shop at Andaz 5th Avenue. Take a bite out of Apl’s menu below and check out the space via our slideshow.

Shared Plates

Grilled Spring Beans 7
Fava Beans, Peas, Soybean

Slow Cooked Deviled Eggs 8
Piment D’espelette

Wild Nettle Barbajuans 7
Nutmeg, Parmesan

Mixed Radishes 7
Ichire Butter, Apple Salt

Marinated Salmon 9
Buckwheat Blini, Steelhead Trout Roe

Fried Pickles 8
Ricotta, Housemade Seasonal Pickles

Potato Croquettes 9
Aromatic Smokey Ham, Womanchego Cheese

Regular Plates

Triple Bouillon 12
Red Cockerel, Young Peas, Meyer Lemon, Egg, Fragrant Herbs

Spiced Foie Gras 21
Curry Spices, Grapefruit Conserve, Cornmeal Crisps, Artichoke Salad

Eel Anagi Bun 16
Fresh Water Eel, Cucumber, Onion Butter, Shungiku

Sucrine Lettuce 12
Caesar-Ish Dressing, Pumpernickel, Young Mimolette Cheese

Clam Gratin 14
Peas, Ginger, Tarragon, Yuzu, Like A Chowder

Black Pudding 13
Water Chestnut, Spring Garlic, Young Celery, Mustard Seeds

Peekytoe Crab Salad 14
Red Apple Jelly, Parsnip, Curry Almond

Uni Ravioli 16
Santa Barbara Sea Urchin, Savoy Cabbage, Truffle Broth

Spotted Sardine 15
Tomato Jam, Argan Oil, Lemon, Chickpea Crepe

St. George & Artichoke 15
Shaved Bonito, Aji Soy, Chive Flower, Buttermilk Tofu

Steamed Mussels 13
Sweet Gorgonzola, Mirepoix, Smoked Pepper, Oyster Crackers

Mackerel Tartar 19
Sabiki-Caught, Red Chili, Sea Beans, Toast,Arugula

Crunchy Squid 13
Market Vegetables, Green Apple Mustard, Dill, Vindaloo

Robiolo Cheese 14
Kale, Cox Pippin Apple, Honey Vinegar, Green Olive Oil

Japanese Eggplant Toast 12
Bulgarian Feta, Penny Royal, Nicoise Olives

Larger Plates

Grilled Burger 18
Grass-Fed Beef, Ramp Mayo, Pickled Onion Jam, Cave Aged Cheddar

Roasted Chicken 18
Grilled Lemon, Herb Butter, Black Olive, Peas & Carrots

Veal Sweetbread 21
Celery Root, Lily Bulb, Black Bean, Haricots Verte

Lobster Stew 26
Herb Gnocchi, Morel Mushrooms, Chicken, Crème Fraiche

Black Bass Al Plancha 20
Peas, Asparagus Juice, Ramps, Grapefruit, Cardamom Crumbs

Slow-Baked Halibut 23
Coconut-Parsnip, Green Apple, Thai Basil, Meyer Lemon

Braised Rabbit Salad 26
Chanterelles, Wild Radicchio, Herbs & Lettuces, Foie Gras Vinaigrette

Smaller Plates

Macaroni & Cheese 8
Emmental Cheese, Parmesan, Sourdough

Spring Beans 8

Potato Puree 7
Nutmeg, Milk, Butter

Crunchy Soft Broccoli 6
Dried Chili, Garlic Confit

French Fried Potatoes 6
Herbs, Parmesan, Mayonnaise

Local Carrots 6
Carrot Pesto, Carrot Juice

Fairy Ring Mushroom 8
Glacage, Comte Cheese, Ham

Cox-Pippen Apple Tart 7
Amish Cheddar Leaf Lard Crust

Tri-State Strawberries 9
Rhubarb Star Anise Black Sesame

Potted Chocolate 7
Ricotta Ice Cream, Guanduja Hazelnut Biscuit
Cookies 6
Grapefruit-Dark Chocolate, Peanut-Peanut Butter, Others

Local Cheeses 16
Cranberry-Pecan Bread, NYC Honey Celery Salad

Apl, 146 Orchard St.; 212-777-8600

First Look at Apl, Serving Uni Ravioli and Fried Pickles Next Week