Ancient Man Ate Dogs; Major Bologna Bust at Border

• A paper just published in a scientific journal presents evidence that humans were eating dogs 9,000 years ago. So when did they become man’s best friend? [WP]

• Hot meat: Officials confiscated 385 pounds of Mexican bologna at “largest bologna bust ever recorded at the Santa Teresa crossing” from Mexico to the U.S. [NYDN]

• Stone Brewing Co. is getting ready for a $26.6 million expansion that will bring a restaurant to Point Loma and expand operations in San Diego. [Sign on San Diego]

• A Starbucks in El Paso is being sued by the Feds after firing a dwarf employee when she requested a step stool to perform her duties. Classy move, guys. [Reuters]

• The not-so-neediest cases: A Michigan man who won a $2 million lottery jackpot is still receiving food assistance. [My Fox Detroit]

• Waters aren’t the only thing on the rise in parts of Mississippi: With boats unable to bring in normal deliveries, food prices are going up as well. [ABC News]

• Down to the paint on its walls, O-Burger is the greenest burger joint we’re yet to hear of. [The Bull]

• Whole Foods in Mar Vista is challenging its shoppers to a 28-day E2 diet that involves a plant-strong, nutrient-rich diet. [Mar Vista Patch]

Ancient Man Ate Dogs; Major Bologna Bust at Border