An Early Look at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air

Photo: Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air

Ta-da! Check out this first look at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air, opening this fall with the relaunch of the grand dame hotel. Actually, this is only a rendering, albeit one of the most realistic ones we’ve seen in a while. Still, you get the general idea here, a kind of brighter WP24 with glowing golden opulence in place of dark green dragon scales. In addition to serving California-Mediterranean cuisine at the restaurant, Puck’s team will oversee all of the dining operations here from room service to events, apparently not the first time, says a press release, as the chef consulted on menus and helped train staff here in the eighties.

Of the cooking, Puck promises, “All of our menus will reflect the healthy California lifestyle and will showcase the best of California’s wonderful, fresh ingredients such as produce from Chino Farms and local farmers’ markets, all-natural poultry and sustainable seafood.”

Meanwhile, the space was designed by Rockwell Group, who offered their expertise on ballrooms and the classic piano bar. That very bar will extend into an outdoor space with three garden areas that provide some privacy and shelter from the elements, while the piano and wood panels remain. A second bar is being added to The Terrace, where guests can enjoy the outdoors 365 days a year. The dining room will have a fireplace, these gold chairs seen above, and glass displays of wine, with over 2,400 bottles and the central case splitting the main dining rooms from those who “vant to be alone.” So far, it looks like the space won’t offend too many old-hands, while it does look like it’s shed its musty old skin for something sleeker.

An Early Look at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air