America’s Colleges Are Educating a Nation of Food Snobs

“This Molson will go awesome with the Brie I brought.” Photo: istockphoto

Kids these days! The Associated Press reminds us that when it comes to food, today’s college students are incredibly discriminating. Campus cuisine has gone gourmet, thanks to enterprising student groups who won’t tolerate rubbery ramen and greasy pizza shingles any longer!

The story spotlights Nica Latto, a Wesleyan student who’s formed a gourmet-cheese coop with her classmates. Thanks to her efforts, “fancy cheeses from a nearby Connecticut farm are delivered each week to the Middletown campus and distributed to students, many of whom line up with baguettes — and meal cards — in hand.” At Wesleyan, students can enjoy “Gruyere for a fondue party while studying with classmates.” No need to run up Mom and Dad’s credit card on obscure fromage, either; they can use dining-hall points!

This isn’t just a Wesleyan thing. At Berkeley, a group of students halted the opening of gloop-purveyor Panda Express; UPenn’s food service team works with students to incorporate more sustainable and ethnic foods. At Penn, students feast on multigrain pizzas and squash salad with dandelions (culled from a Native American recipe).

Marie Witt, who oversees Penn’s dining halls, marvels at how kids have changed: “She remembers the days when students were thrilled at the chance to scoop their own ice cream in the dining facilities. Now, they request sushi, meat produced without antibiotics, cage-free eggs and foods that mirror those they’ve eaten in their global travels or from their homeland.”

And to think: Back when we were in school, we just wanted something to sop up our hangovers!

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America’s Colleges Are Educating a Nation of Food Snobs